October 19, 2014

Vermont Business Roundtable - Executive Leadership Series

A few weeks ago I got an email from my advisor. She asked if I had heard of the women's leadership conference being held in South Burlington.

I was so interested without even knowing exactly what this was about. Since I'm interested in working in politics and am particularly interested in fighting for women's rights (aka equal pay, more women in leadership positions, etc.) I thought this leadership conference sounded awesome.

My advisor invited me & a few other students to attend the conference with her. We met up at Starbucks that morning, went to the conference, & ended up having lunch together afterwards.

Our far away seats during 
Jennifer Siebel Newsom's keynote

The event was put on by the Vermont Business Roundtable & featured a breakfast, keynote speaker, & a panel discussion for students. While we skipped the breakfast - we couldn't exactly afford the $1,200 per table - we got to attend the keynote & the panel. And it was awesome!

The speakers included, among others, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the filmmaker who created Miss Representation, and Madeleine Kunin, the first & only female governor of Vermont.

Quick video about Governor Kunin

The day was awesome - hearing from these women was exciting & inspiring. They've really done so much in their careers & are working to encourage & support other women so that they successful.

It was also great to visit with my advisor & with some other students & friends outside of class. My professor knows about my career goals & knows that I am interested in politics. She reached out to me about this event because she understood that it would really interest me & I am so grateful!

Trailer for the movie 'Miss Representation'

If you're interested in learning more about the Vermont Business Roundtable or about the Executive Leadership Series event that I attended, please check out this article by the VBR.

There are so many awesome events in Burlington & I'm going to more in the coming weeks! This Thursday our school is having our annual Fall concert & Foster the People are coming! Then next week I'm going to hear author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speak at UVM and I'm going to an Eric Hutchinson concert at Higher Ground. I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me!

Email me with any questions!

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