October 18, 2014

October 4 - Admissions Open House

Saturday, October 4 was our first open house!

Every fall we have two admissions open houses, during which prospective students can tour Saint Mike's, meet our mascot Mike the Knight, and hear from the President of the college, the VP of enrollment, and a whole bunch of admissions counselors.

The campus store decked out for open house
"Welcome to the #SMCVT family!"

I love, love, love open houses because there is so much excitement & energy! So many prospective students attend & almost all of our tour guides are out giving tours. The day gives prospective students a great feel for the college - they can hear from clubs at our activities fair, eat lunch, hear from professors, & feel the awesome the Saint Mike's community.

Since I'm one of the coordinators for Founders Society - the group on campus that organizes tour guides & bloggers & rallies students for phone-a-thons & for alumni appreciation week - I had to be at the open house at 8:45am. It was early for a Saturday!

Founders coordinators - Bizzy, Brian, me, & Erin

When I arrived I helped Mike the Knight get set up, snapped a picture with my other coordinators, & started greeting prospective students & parents.

My apologies for the awkward camera
movement - my computer wouldn't let me edit!

I got to listen in to some welcome remarks, including one of my senior friends, and listened to the Acabellas, the female acapella group on campus. Next I attended the business & accounting panel to listen & share. Two of my very favorite professors - Professor Doyon & Professor Popovich - were there to present about the curriculum for business & accounting students.

Professor Doyon was my accounting professor & literally made the class easy to understand & even fun! Professor Popovich is my advisor & I am currently in one of her classes. We're learning about how to use excel for business purposes & let me just say - I never knew how little I knew about excel. Next Friday I'll actually be going to dinner at Professor Popovich's house with some other students & I can't wait!

A rainy open house - but campus was still gorgeous!

After the panel was done, most prospective students went on tours. I went to the activities fair to visit friends & I had some lunch. Finally, I went home!

Open houses are exhausting - they're early, busy, & long days! But they're one of my favorite parts of being a tour guide & Founders coordinator. They really allow us to share our love of Saint Mike's, which is the whole reason why we're involved!

If you're interested in attending the next open house on November 9th, register here! And if you have any questions, please email me!

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