November 29, 2014

November 9th Open House

On November 9th we had our second and final open house of the semester.

Every fall we have several open houses for prospective students interested in applying to or attending Saint Mike's. The day starts with a hello from our Vice President of Enrollment. Next students split up & get to hear from professors in the major in which they're interested. Students end the day with a tour, lunch, & a visit to a club fair.

Mike the Knight welcoming prospective students

Open houses are a lot of fun because they're so high energy. I love talking to prospective students & families. It's a lot of fun to share my love of Saint Mike's & to hear from students that are really excited about the school. Families who attend open houses do so because they're already excited about the school, so they can't wait to hear about you experience at Saint Mike's.

Our open house was a success - all across campus were tours & groups of prospective families exploring campus.

Feel free to email with any questions!

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