March 22, 2012


Ah spring was just one short week ago, and yet it already feels like a distant memory. Kind of.

For spring break last week (before going home) I visited my brother in New York. He goes to NYU, so he was right in the heart of New York City in East Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

We had SO MUCH FUN being in NYC together. While we don't hang out all the time at home, we do go on adventures together every so often. It's been a little strange not seeing him while we're both at college, so it was great that Nick & I got to spend a couple days roaming the city.

SO Saturday morning I flew to New York from the Burlington Airport. Since I had a 6 AM flight I had to wake up at 4 AM...terrible but totally worth it. Also, I flew Jet Blue, which so cheap! I definitely recommend checking out Jet Blue's prices if you ever need to fly in/out of Burlington.

After getting picked up at JFK Airport by my brother, we went back to his totally gorgeous dorm where I met his friends & suite mates. NYU has some pretty amazing dormitories!

This is just outside my brother's dorm building. It's
the facade of an old church.

This is Nick's dorm! He's on the very top, on the 26th floor.

This is the amazing view from Nick's window.

That afternoon, Nick and I went (with all of his friends) to the American Museum of Natural History (for free!). It was amazing and HUGE and so much fun!

I found out that I'd weigh over 3,000 pounds on the sun.

...and only 0.037 pounds on a Red Giant Star.

One of the coolest things at the museum...not sure why there was a giant quid
attacking a whale, but it looked awesome.

And of course, we were all very excited to see the dinosaurs.

On Sunday we mostly just hung out and walked around New York. Nick also showed me some of his classrooms and different academic buildings. We also had some delicious things to eat - we got amazing burritos, went to a BBQ place that served awesome, giant portions, and had wonderful pastries from various coffee shops and bakeries. We also had ice cream at a store called '16 Handles' - it's a soft-serve place where you serve yourself all the ice cream & topping you want, then pay by weight. It was sooo good!

There's so much more to share about my trip to New York & the rest of my vacation at home! I'll blog again this weekend about spring break, 'Tuition Runs Out Day', and next year's housing.. Can't wait to share more with you all! Formspring me with any questions!

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