March 20, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Good Morning!

The Monday after spring break, and it certainly feels like spring! It's going to be 70-80 degrees all week it's absolutely gorgeous here!

SO the week before spring break was a bit of a roller coaster for me. I wasn't doing too well in Accounting, and ultimately came to the decision (with help from my professor, advisor, friends, & mom) that I need to withdraw from the class. It was a pretty difficult decision to make, but after thinking about it & researching the repurcussins of withdrawing, I found that if I withdraw, my grade won't count & will not affect my GPA. Instead, a withdrawal will show up on my transcript, which is not a bad thing if you only have one or two early in your college career. Now, I'm pretty happy that I withdrew from Accounting so that I can focus more on excelling in my other classes.

Also, before spring break I found out that I'M A TOUR GUIDE! It may be obvious since I'm a student blogger, but I LOVE talking to prospective students. Since I was in that same place a year ago, I understand how difficult it can be to choose a college. At the same time, I am in love with Saint Mike's & I want to share that love! I couldn't be happier that I was chosen to represent SMC!

In the tour guide realm, I hosted a prospective student (for the day) on Monday. She came to class with me, then we had lunch with a few of my friends. I really enjoyed meeting her & her mom - it was so much fun to show them around campus, and definitely made me even more excited about being a tour guide! The best part? I'm pretty sure they had as much fun as I did (well, at least I hope they did!).

There's more to come later this week - all about my spring break, recent activities being planned to thank our wonderful & generous alumni, & of course my life her at Saint Mike's. Enjoy the beautiful weather! Formspring me with any questions!

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