March 28, 2012



These past two weeks have been a bit stressful for students because it's housing lottery time. Every spring students are sent a lottery number, which they use to try to get the housing they want. Saint Mike's has great housing: Alumni in the Quad, Founder's on Main Campus, Suites and Townhouses for upperclassmen, and more housing and apartments on North Campus.

For next semester, my friend Cait and I decided to room together on North Campus. Although I loved living in the Quad this year (everyone you know lives near by & you're close to everything) we wanted to live on North to experience different housing.

This is where we'll be living!

We will be living in Linnehan, a two-floor building (guys on the first floor, girls on the second) that will be completely honors housing next year. So many of our friends will be living with us there, and two of my best friends, Merrill and Emma, will be living right next to us. Linnehan also has a kitchen that's open to the whole house. A bunch of us have already discussed having Sunday breakfasts together. We're going to be like one big family next year! (Also, for anyone worried about living on North because of its separation from Main Campus - there are constant shuttles that make several stops on North and Main; the whole ride to/from campus is only about 5 minutes).

 On the topic of housing, some of you prospective students may know that we don't give room tours here at SMC - since our students live on campus all four years, our rooms are like our homes here. We don't want to disrupt students who  may be studying or sleeping in their rooms (which has happened!) by touring their dorms and rooms all day.

SO instead, our ingenious Tour Guide Coordinators created a video about all of Saint Mike's housing. Lots of students helped out, and it gives you a great view of all the different housing available for your four years here at SMC. Check it out the 'SMC Kribs' Playlist here - FYI this video is also shown after your campus tour!

As always Formspring me with any questions - I love to help!

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