March 26, 2012

Tuition Runs Out Day

Happy Monday!

So most of you prospective students probably don't know that every year Saint Michael's College celebrates "Tuition Runs Out Day". I'd never heard of this before starting school here, but it is basically a day to thank our incredibly generous alumni.

Technically, our tuition only covers about 80% of our time here at SMC - every year there is a day on which tuition "runs out" and the rest of the school year is funded entirely by friends, family, and alumni. This year, that day fell on Friday, March 23. It's pretty incredible when you realize just how much our alumni donate to make our time here at Saint Mike's as amazing as it is.

In order to celebrate "Tuition Runs Out Day," and to properly thank our alumni, there was a video contest, hosted by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, and judged by members of the Alumni Board of Directors...

Film the most creative 2-minute video you can for our 20,000 alumni that highlights what matters to you as a student at St. Michael’s College.

My  friend (and future roomie!) Cait and I decided to make a wonderful video, and we won third place! Check it out below!

We had SO MUCH FUN making the video! It was great to be silly with all of our friends, and of course we were happy to thank our alumni! I had no idea that our alumni were so generous, and I really am grateful for all that they do.

And of course...check out the WINNING VIDEO! It was adorable and so so so accurate.

I have kind of a crazy week ahead of me, but I'll be sure to blog some more - I just have so many things to share lately! Formspring me with any question!


  1. Well done Alex and Cait!! and all the singers too!! Love, Merrill's Mom