February 2, 2015

Good Old Snowy Vermont

This week is off to a snowy & cold start!

Campus is gorgeous. It's been snowing on & off for a couple days. Snow is piled high & it's light, fluffy, sparkly, & just really, really picturesque & beautiful. Unfortunately it's also been pretty windy & cold, but that will pass. For now I've been bundled up, studying in bed & drinking warm tea.

Joyce hall, surrounded by snow

A few of my friends had snow days today when their professors cancelled class or (for my friends who are student teaching) their schools closed for the day. I wasn't quite as lucky, but with only one class on Monday I feel like I can't complain much.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate the cold but love the snow & I've skied for most of my life. How I ended up in Vermont, where winter is pretty long, beats me. But I love New England & despite the cold, I can't imagine being anywhere else but at Saint Mike's.

In other news - I got accepted to grad school! So far I've heard from two law schools. I've been accepted to Pace in White Plains, New York & to DePaul, in Chicago, Illinois. I'm still waiting to hear from ten other schools - it's hard not to get anxious! It is such a huge relief though to know that I'm definitely going to law school!

These pictures don't do it justice - campus is gorgeous!

This week is a fun one - I don't have too much going on, but I do have a lot to prepare. In the next few weeks I have several exams & I want to start skiing once the weather warms up a tiny bit (I love skiing but not enough to go in negative temps!). That means that I have some work to do this week. Normally I leave big projects for the weekend, but if I ski I need to get a lot of that done during the week. I also have to apply for financial aid & grad school scholarships, plus summer internships & jobs. Even a normal week is busy during the school year!

For any newly accepted students - a huge congratulations! I was so excited to receive my acceptance to Saint Mike's so I'm sending good vibes to all of you!

Feel free to email with any questions!

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