February 24, 2015

Senior Year Inspiration

Senior year is busy! Last semester I was stressed with grad school applications. This semester I'm busy with five classes - usually students take four per semester. This is what I've been up to this semester:

-Online media & communications coordinator (I oversee all the student bloggers)
-Tour guide
-Peer tutor (I tutor statistics & marketing)
-Mentoring (I meet with my little sister one evening every week)

It doesn't sound like too much, but if you add in classes, homework, my senior thesis/business plan, planning for post-grad life, & socializing with friends - I've been busy!

All of this stress means that I need some motivation. I usually get that motivation through Tumblr - I save my favorite posts & stick them up to remind myself to stay positive. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Please email with any questions!

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