February 22, 2015

I Love Saint Mike's

One of the reasons that I enjoy working as a blogger & tour guide at SMC is that I get to share my love for this school.

Saint Mike's has been the best school for me & I've really loved my time here. It's nice to be able to express that through my work. Plus, if I'm ever in a bad mood or am stressed from mounting homework, it's nice to be reminded of the best parts of my life at SMC.

My fellow Founders Coordinators after a Sunday tour guide meeting-
 Brian, Erin, myself, Matt (one of our admissions counselors), & Bizzy

Recently, I've been especially busy expressing my Saint Mike's pride. I help with a lot of admissions events & processes. Right now we've been working on hiring new tour guides & on meeting with accepted prospective students. This is what I've been up to lately-

Student Instagram
We've just started a student-run Instagram at Saint Mike's! Students will switch off every week, instagram-ing their day-to-day activities.  I was the first student to post & I just finished my week today. I think it will be a really fun way to show prospective students what students actually do every day here at SMC.

Check out our instagram knightlifevt.

Meeting accepted students
Every spring semester we have several accepted students days. These are really fun - they basically provide a day where accepted prospective students can come to Saint Mike's &better understand what we're all about. Students hear from professors in the major that they are interested, attend a student panel, grab lunch with current students, & tour several housing options.

This past week I helped direct students & families around campus, got to sit in on a student panel & answer questions & I had lunch with prospective families. It's so fun to get to talk to prospective students, especially when they're excited about Saint Mike's.

We have our last select student academic day tomorrow - but we have a couple Saturday accepted student open houses coming up!

Hiring new tour guides
Every spring semester is also busy with the tour guide hiring process. As one of the student leaders working in admissions (more specifically I'm the Online Media & Communications Coordinator for the Founders Society) I've attended meetings for students interested in becoming a tour guide & I'll start interviewing students this week. It's a bit of a long process - we need to see these students get involved first to understand if they'll make a great tour guide. It's also a really fun process though & I love seeing the next generation of SMC tour guides!

Holding Knightchats
Knightchats are one of my favorite parts of the blog program here at Saint Mike's. They're basically IM chat sessions where prospective students or parents can log on & ask the bloggers questions. Us bloggers get together, have pizza & answer these questions as they come in. They're usually busy nights but it's really fun to see the other bloggers & to talk to prospective families.

We have a Knightchat tomorrow, Monday February 23 at 7:30pm for prospective parents!

Of course I've also been giving tours & blogging weekly, as per usual!

Please feel free to reach out with questions via email!

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