February 11, 2015

Senior Seminar - Business Strategy

One of the most important classes that you'll take senior year is your senior seminar class. These classes vary by major but they have a few things in common. Every senior sem is discussion based, includes the writing of your senior thesis & is designed to really bring together everything that you've learned in your last four years here at Saint Mike's. If that sounds like a lot to handle, you're right - senior sem is awesome but stressful.

My thesis ideas, hung right over my bed so I can't escape 'em

As a business major my senior thesis involves the creation is a business plan. It's a pretty cool project because it requires us to pull in our knowledge of marketing, finance, accounting, management, & various business theories in order to create a plan to start a business. Now, this business plan can be real or fake - some students want to start a business & use this project as a starting point. Other students would rather not work in an entrepreneurial job & simply create a business plan as if they were to start this business.

My business plan focuses on an online magazine. It's a real company that I would like to start one day. Really I came up with this idea because I previously ran an online magazine & really enjoyed it. I also want to create a magazine for people like me, people who are less interested in the advertisements of Glamour magazine & more interested in compelling & empowering stories. Beyond that, I don't yet have much to share about my business idea.

Cheesy quotes like these help me to stay motivated

I'm currently working  on my business plan & I have a lot to complete in just a few weeks - my plan is due in early March. Right now I'm working on the missions statement & such, as well as a feasibility report, to determine whether this business can actually make money. Next week we also have rocket pitches, short three minute summaries about our company in which we need to include information on financials, funding, operations, & things like that.

One thing to note - my business plan isn't the only work I have for my senior sem! I also have homework assignments, presentations, an exam, & an essay. It's a crazy class, but I'm really enjoying the work so far.

Please feel free to email with any questions!

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